5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper -
  • 5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper -
  • 5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper -
  • 5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper -
  • 5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper -
  • 5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper -

5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper - "Cut" Replacement

This item can be backordered

We've designed our bumpers with one goal in the forefront: to be able to stand up to the rigors of actual off road use. 


Our new front bumper offers unprecedented winch access, allowing you to easily access the winch clutch and controller and safely see the winch line. 

We've included solid recovery points, welded through the bumper and in-line with the frame. The winch mount is positioned so the pulling force is also in-line with the frame mounts. 


This is a "cut" replacement front bumper, meaning you replace the majority of the factory plastic bumper but still retain a smaller cut off portion of the factory plastic bumper as a buffer between the bumper and the headlights and grille. Fits 5th Gen 4Runners. 

6-8 week lead time on new orders. Shipping is via Freight only, we will confirm before shipping. Shipping address must have loading dock access. Local pickup is available.

Below is a testimony from Michael Morrison, Director of Training for Overland Experts, after a day of testing our bumpers:

"Many of you that know me know that I take vehicle recovery VERY seriously. I am very honest and open about my opinions on recovery gear, winches and bumpers.

With the way vehicles are designed now it is becoming harder for bumper manufacturers to create good looking bumpers that are also functional... or is it. Let's use the 5th gen 4runner as an example since it is so popular. Since it's release armor companies have jumped on the band wagon producing bumpers like crazy, almost all of them are non-functional for one reason. How can you design a winch bumper that has zero access to the winch, how can you operate a winch safely and correctly if you can't even see it? Speaking to these companies is like beating your head against a wall, I have heard it can't be done so many times I almost believed it. Well guess what, LFD Off Road called awhile back and wanted to do some testing and get some feedback. Just some quick background on these guys, they spend allot of time off road. They also have spent time getting trained by professionals in recovery techniques. LFD used this knowledge to build their new 5th gen bumpers and guess what, you can see the winch!!!! You can get to the clutch to disengaged it!!! Hands down they are in the top tier for the most functional bumpers available."