Are crossbars priced as each? How many come with an order?

All crossbars are priced and ordered as "each" on our site. If you order more there is a discount that shows up in the shopping cart.


If you buy a complete rack (side rails and bars), it will come with enough bars to fill the rack length filling every other side rail bar slot. 

What does "This item can be backordered" mean

If an item reads "This item can be backordered" in our shopping cart, we are absolutely able to manufacture more and we are most likely already working on it! We just don't have any in stock at the moment due to high demand. The worst case lead time will be between 6 to 8 weeks from your date of order. Chances are once ordered we are already manufacturing a new batch of product anyway and your delivery time will be shorter. We do our best to keep all products in stock. 

How much do Ruggedized Crossbars weigh?

5 pounds per steel Ruggedized Crossbar, 2 pounds per aluminum Ruggedized Crossbar.

What's the biggest tire I can fit on a stock 5th gen.

Oh man... not again.