Bolt On Cover for 2010-2013 GX460 Bumper

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Introducing optional bolt on covers for our bumpers!

Winch access is extremely important when performing winching operations. Being able to see your winch line spooling on the drum and easily accessing the clutch have been two considerations behind our bumper designs from the very beginning. 

I'll be the first to admit though, that open winch access isn't needed for the 99.9% of the time when you're NOT actually winching.  

Something we've been incorporating into our newer bumper designs is a removable center cover to hide the winch line when not actively winching. Yes, a lot of that idea is simply aesthetics, but there is an argument to be made as well for protecting the winch line from road debris. 

The new cover easily bolts on, allowing removal for winching operations when you need to see the line and have clean access. When installed it still has cutouts for clutch access as to not impede winching - there's no need to remove it for winching if you're not in a situation you need to see the line (but we always recommend seeing the line when you're winching!)

These covers are able to be retrofitted onto any of our existing 2010-2013 GX460 bumpers by simply drilling two holes, and are available in the pictured Anthracite Grey and Black.