Complete Power Train Skid Set - 5th Gen 4Runner

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The three piece power train skid set is one of the most important modifications you can make, protecting your vehicle's drive train from damage when off road. This set is composed of a Front Skid, Transmission Skid, and Transfer Case Skid.  

One of the most crucial armor components, the front skid takes the blunt of rock bashes, impacts when bottoming out, and general abuse when off pavement. With that in mind, we've built a front skid that stands up to the punishment of trail life! Features a reinforced Oil Filter access door with replaceable threaded inserts and countersunk bolts. 

The Transfer Case skid is a one piece design for straightforward installation. The skid incorporates a cross member to help protect the transfer case and has spacing for the exhaust to prevent the notorious exhaust rattle present with some other skids. 

The transmission skid is a simple flat skid to bridge the gap between the front and transfer skids and protect the transmission. 


All three are constructed of .185" steel. Front skid constructed of 1/4" aluminum is optional.

Offered in raw steel or with powder coating.  There is no warranty on powder coating on skids due to their intended use! This includes scratches that occur during shipping. If you are concerned about the finish order raw skids and paint them once they arrive!

Skids are make to order and subject to lead times.