Frequently Asked Questions
Are crossbars priced as each? How many come with an order?
All crossbars are priced and ordered as individual units, with the exception of Crossbar Bundles, which are sold as a kit of four crossbars.
How much height does a crossbar add?
Crossbars add one inch of height to the factory side rails. Remember to account for any accessories when calculating the height requirements.
How much weight can my crossbars hold?
The limiting factor to weight capacity is the factory side rails, which are rated to either 135 or 165 pounds of dynamic loading depending on your vehicle. Static weight limit is 600 pounds.
How loud are crossbars?
Wind noise varies widely depending on your crossbar position, load carried, vehicle setup, etc. We do recommend purchasing our Wind Faring to guarantee minimal wind noise.
What can I carry with Crossbars?
Our crossbars were initially designed to carry recovery gear and tools, but they also work great for storage boxes, roof top tents, canoes and kayaks, and more!
How many Crossbars do I need?
It really depends on what you intend to carry. Two crossbars are good for a roof top tent, Hi-Lift jack (with our Hi-Lift jack mounts), a pair of traction boards, or a cargo box. If you carry more than one type of item (such as a combination of traction boards and a Hi-Lift), you usually want a minimum of three crossbars due to differences in length of the items to carry.
How do I attach things to the crossbars?
Our crossbars have slots sized for M8 or 3/16 bolts, and work nicely with M8 T nuts for bolting to the crossbar. Alternatively you can clamp an item around the crossbar body.
What are the dimensions of the crossbars?
The main body of the crossbar is 1” tall by 2” wide, and works with most RTT clamp mounts and clamping accessories by other companies such as Yakima, Thule, etc.
What material do I need to order?
It depends on your intended use. Steel crossbars are the cheapest option and very strong, but they are prone to rusting eventually – no powder coating is bulletproof. Stainless steel crossbars have the strength of steels, but are also rust proof.
How much do Ruggedized Crossbars weigh?
Crossbars weigh around 5 pounds each
Will the crossbars clear the sharkfin antenna?
The top mounting plane of the crossbars does clear the sharkfin antenna on 2014+ 4Runners. 2010-2013 4Runners have a taller antenna that may or may not clear depending on trim level.
Can I upgrade my crossbars to a rack later on?
Yes! You can re-use your existing crossbars and upgrade to either a 3/4 or 7/8 roof rack for 4Runners, or to full racks with 4th Gen 4Runners or GX470s.
Do Crossbars come with hardware?
Crossbars come with all needed installation hardware to install on factory side rails. They do not come with hardware to install accessories though.
Roof Racks:
How much height does a roof rack add to my vehicle?
Our roof racks add about 6” of height at the rear of the vehicle, which should be the tallest point with a factory rake.
Which size roof rack do I need?
It depends on your intended use. Plan out what you think you’ll carry and take measurements. Take into consideration future plans as well, such as if you plan to add a roof top tent.
Will the rack interfere with my sunroof?
No! 3/4 racks sit directly behind the sunroof and do not interfere at all. 7/8 racks do sit above the sunroof and will block the view but should not interfere with operation. Full racks sit over the sunroof but you can move the crossbars that are over the sunroof for an unobstructed view, or leave them installed for cargo use.
What are the dimensions of the racks?
5th Gen 4Runner: 3/4 rack is 60” long by 41” wide, 7/8 rack is 80” long by 41” wide, Full rack is 88” long by 45” wide. 4th Gen 4Runner: Full rack is 83” long by 41” wide GX470: Full rack is 85” long by 41” wide
What are the advantages between the different styles of sliders?
Angled sliders give the best clearance, but are not as functional as a step. Bumpout sliders offer great protection and also double as an effective step, but give up a little ground clearance.
Do I need .120 wall or .185 wall sliders?
.120 wall sliders are tough enough to handle whatever you can throw at them! The advantage of the .185 wall sliders is they are stiffer when supporting the weight of the vehicle and have almost no flex even with the weight of the vehicle on them.
What is the return policy?
Items may be returned within 30 days of receipt. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, and returned items are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Make to order items like bumpers are not returnable.
Why am I being charged State Sales Tax?
We have auxiliary companies in NC, CA, and OH belonging to our parent company all under the Leonard Group. This results in us having to charge state tax in these locations where we have physical offices.
What's the biggest tire I can fit on a stock 5th gen.
Oh man... not again.
What does "This item can be backordered" mean?
If an item reads "This item can be backordered" in our shopping cart, we do not currently have any in stock on the shelf, but we are busy working on manufacturing more!
What is the Powder Coating Warranty?
Powder Coating should be free of initial defects - scratches, chips, etc. and is warrantied for 30 days after receipt. Due to the nature of product use, we cannot warranty powder coating after 30 days. Items such as skids and bumpers have NO powder coat warranty due to their intended use.