In House Engineering & Manufacturing

All LFD Off Road equipment is engineered and manufactured in the United States. Our manufacturing facility is located in Denver, North Carolina, where we build and test some of the most robust overlanding equipment on the market.

In House Engineering

LFD Off Road products are all designed in house in 3-Dimensional CAD by our team of engineers and field tested in Uwharrie, North Carolina.

Precision Metal Cutting

LFD Off Road parts are manufactured in our facility using fiber lasers for sheet metal or CNC tube plasma cutters for metal tubing, allowing us to design to tight and repeatable tolerances for our products.

CNC Bending

LFD Off Road parts are bent using CNC press brakes programmed from our 3D CAD models, ensuring accurate and precise bends.

Welding and Fabrication

Our team of welders and fabricators have years of experience fabricating industrial machinery and heavy equipment in addition to off road parts.

Ruggedized Crossbar after Laser Cutting and Metal Forming operations

Our Story

Our parent company, Leonard Automatics, Inc., was founded in 1969 by Leonard Frushtick, and served the industrial garment manufacturing industry with machinery. Today it manufactures heavy industrial laundry equipment for the rental uniform, linen and hospitality, and garment manufacturing industries. In those industries, we are known for our rugged, reliable machines and our dedication to customer support.

Leonard Automatics utilizes the latest in high precision CNC fabrication machinery including Trumpf Fiber Optic Laser and Trumpf CNC press brake, as well as CNC tube cutting technology to ensure the highest standards in part consistency. We team this capability with a full suite of welding equipment including robotic welding.

We opened a contract manufacturing division, Leonard Fabrication and Design (LFD) in 2008, utilizing our production machinery and engineering knowledge to help produce metal goods and equipment for other businesses.

LFD Off Road emerged from our LFD division in 2016 when LFD’s division president, Jacob Frushtick, began building parts for his Toyota 4Runner in the plant at night. We officially launched the LFD Off Road division in 2017, and began direct customer sales that fall.

Since then we have greatly expanded our product offerings, and continue to operate under our reputation of providing simple, rugged and reliable parts for the Toyota off road and overland community, with a focus on customer service and support.

We work closely with Overland Experts, specialists in military and civilian off road training located in Uwharrie, North Carolina, to help test our products in real life recovery scenarios and provide design feedback to ensure they live up to our expectations in field use.