Ruggedized Crossbar - 4th Gen 4Runner

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Our Ruggedized Crossbars will bolt directly to your factory roof rails with no permanent modifications to your vehicle. The Crossbars provide a flat, sturdy mounting solution for carrying tools, off road recovery gear, cargo boxes, and roof top tents. 

Fully adjustable by sliding them to the location you need them. Compatible with many Roof Top Tents. 

Comes with all needed hardware - M8 T Nuts, M8 button head bolts, and Nordlock washers. Nordlock washers are vibration resistant and take quite a bit of torque to loosen once tightened! These washers will not shake loose on the trail!

We highly recommend using these crossbars in conjunction with one of our wind fairing options. If these are used without a cargo load and without a fairing they will be loud! A fairing eliminates most wind noise!

Constructed from laser cut, cnc bent, and welded carbon steel with our black powder coat finish. 

Featuring holes specifically spaced for MAXTRAX mounting pins for simple mounting of MAXTRAX.

Toyota specifies a maximum load of 135 pounds on factory side rails while moving.