Minimalist Overland Rack

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Our unique Minimalist Overland Rack!

We designed this rack for those who want to run a roof top tent (RTT) or other large item, but don't need the weight or wind resistance of a full rack!

This rack deletes the "side rail" concept completely, and is made of two single piece, .185" fully welded structural crossbars that mount directly to the factory roof mounts. No drilling is required for installation!

Without side rails, installation of a RTT is very easy, allowing quick access to the bolts beneath the tent. 

These can also be easily removed when not in use for those who want a "slick roof" look - just unbolt, and then put the bolts back into the roof holes to prevent leaks. 

Constructed of .185 steel, CNC laser cut, bent, and welded, and finished with our black powder coating. 

Sold as a pair, and included mounting spacers for your roof channel. 

Crossbar spacing is approximately 50.8" apart center to center on the crossbars, which is  wide enough for most small RTT's. 

2010+ 4Runner