5th Gen 4Runner Sliders - Bolt On

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Updated Design!

Now featuring a bolt on stainless steel tread plate! Being bolt on, you can paint the tread plate a contrasting color if desired. The plate now leaves an opening at the front of the slider for soft shackle use, as well as two access holes on the bumpout for soft shackle use. 

One of the most important armor items for your vehicle, rock sliders protect your rocker panels while navigating obstacles off road, while also providing a multitude of recovery options and jack points. 

Our sliders are constructed with a one piece 1/4" metal backing plate that bolts directly to threaded holes in the frame. Each side plate is secured to the frame with grade 10.9 bolts. Also standard is a fill plate welded in which serves two purposes-one to provide a flat space to step when entering and exiting the vehicle, and secondly to offer even more rigidity between the tubing when encountering lateral impacts from obstacles on the trail.

The tubing is all 1.75" round DOM tubing, standard construction is .120 wall with HD .185 wall option as well. 1/4" gussets also help to strengthen the weldment at the back plate attachment points. Standard construction is still perfectly suited for rock crawling and heavy use, .185 HD options have less flex when under extreme loads. 

Sliders are used off road to protect your rocker panel from damage from objects such as rocks, stumps, trees, etc. In technical situations they can also be used to help you "slide" over or rotate around an obstacle, hence the name. Sliders can also be used with a Hi-Lift jack along their entire length to lift a vehicle, or as a hard point for recovery operations to pull a vehicle sideways (non-kinetic pulls). 

Our sliders ship raw steel, no paint or powder coating, as a pair, with installation hardware. The customer is responsible for painting or powder coating. We recommend a simple spray paint, sliders will often need repainting if used in the field. We recommend using a M8 tap and penetrating oil to chase your threads in your frame prior to installation; this will remove dirt and rust and make the bolts go in the frame easier. 

Available options:

- HD version constructed with .185 wall DOM tubing 

- KDSS (KDSS is built with HD construction due to the design around the KDSS pump)


Sliders are built to order and subject to lead times.