Angled Hi-Lift Mount

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An angled mount paired with our Hi-Lift mount set, to allow a Hi-Lift jack to be mounted off the side of a rack, opening up mounting space on the roof rack. Allows space for Roof Top Tents, gear, and more, and provides easier access to the Hi-Lift Jack. 

Order as a kit with the pair of Hi-Lift mounts and pair of angled mounts or as just the angled mounts to re-use Hi-Lift mounts you already own, or use with other tools. 

These Hi-Lift mounts work on our LFD Ruggedized Crossbars on stock side rails or on complete racks, as well as many other brand roof racks. (You must supply your own mounting hardware if using on a different brand rack)

These provide a solid secure mounting place for your hi-lift jacks. Included is a strong handle retainer to prevent the jack handle going on it's own adventure while you're busy enjoying yours.