Hybrid Front Bumper - 5th Gen 4Runner 2014+

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We've designed our bumpers with one goal in the forefront: to be able to stand up to the rigors of actual off road use. 

Our new front bumper offers unprecedented winch access, allowing you to easily access the winch clutch and controller and safely see the winch line. Open winch access is important during winching operations - you must be able to easily reach the clutch as well as plug in your winch control. Seeing the line helps ensure it is spooling correctly on the drum and not bunching up on one side. 

We've included solid recovery points, welded through the bumper and along the winch plate all the way to the frame mount and in-line with the frame. The winch mount is positioned so the pulling force is also directly in-line with the frame mounts. 

This is a hybrid front bumper, meaning you must cut your front factory bumper during install and retain the majority of that plastic bumper to create a metal center winch and recovery portion with a factory plastic outer bumper. Fits 2014+ 4Runner. Compatible with TSS and Multi Terrain Monitor (MTM) Camera. Winch Controller will likely require relocation with MTM vehicles. 

Now offered with our optional cover. The new cover easily bolts on, allowing removal for winching operations when you need to see the line and have clean access. When installed it still has cutouts for clutch access as to not impede winching - there's no need to remove it for winching if you're not in a situation you need to see the line (but we always recommend seeing the line when you're winching!) Covers are available in Black or Anthracite Grey. 

TRD Pro skid plates will need modification to work with this bumper. Bumper is designed to function with normal factory skids or most brands of aftermarket skids. 

Bumper weldment powder coated Black.