LX570 Front Bumper (2013-2015)

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Introducing our new Front Bumper for Lexus LX570! Fits 2013-2015 only!

MAKE TO ORDER. Lead time is approximately 6 weeks. 

Replacing the lower grille and part of the center bumper plastic, our front bumper adds winch capability to your LX570 and also provides additional hard recovery points, along with the added protection of the steel bumper. Cutting of the factory plastic bumper and lower grille are REQUIRED for installation. No other permanent modifications required. 

The winch cradle and frame mount are made from 1/4" laser cut, CNC bent and welded steel. The facia is 11 gauge cut, bent, and welded steel. The recovery points are 3/4" steel, and aren't just surface welded on the bumper face, but protrude back about 7" into the bumper, fully welded along the length of the point in addition to being welded to both the facia and the winch cradle. 

The center of the bumper features a new bolt on cover with cutouts for airflow and hand access to the winch. This cover can be fully removed for complete visibility of the winch line when preforming recoveries, winch line maintenance, or to increase airflow to the radiators for towing or working under load. More options for the bolt on cover are coming soon, and all the options will be interchangeable on the bumper. 

Designed with the Warn 12K winch, but should be compatible with most winch offerings. 

Grey Fairlead, Winch, and Flatlink are not included. Customer must supply their own fairlead, winch, and winch hook or flatlink. 

Powder coated black. The bolt on cover can be had in Black or Anthracite Grey.