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Introducing our new MaxTrax Mount!

This simple clamshell style mount can be bolted to one or two crossbars, and provides an easy access storage solution for your MaxTrax. No more trying to perfectly set up MaxTrax mounting pins on four corners. 

Our new mount uses a top arm to clamp down on the MaxTrax and hold them in place. The MaxTrax teeth fit inside the clamp to ensure the boards cannot move forward or backwards. Rubber edge trim on the clamp helps protect the boards from the pressure of the edge. The clamp tightens to a welded stainless threaded stud on the base using the included rubber knob, or alternatively the included nut and lock washer for a little more security. Holes are positioned next to the threaded stud for a lock, and the hinge bolts are tamper resistant Torx button screws. A matching Torx security L key will be included. 

The mount is adjustable for two or four boards by simply switching the elevation of the clamp by changing the position of the hinge bolts.

Board position isn't crucial, meaning the boards don't have to be in the exact center when put in the mount. We'd just recommend the clamp be somewhere in the center third of the boards. This allows you to move boards forwards or backwards in the clamp as needed to make room for other items on your rack. 

Constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel and finished raw. No need to paint before installation, but you can customize it with your own paint as desired. 

Tested with two and four MaxTrax and ActionTrax boards, also compatible with two Xbull boards with the clamp set on the middle hole. Compatibility with other brands is not guaranteed.