Multi Purpose Window Panel - Universal

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*The first batch is in production, estimated lead time is four weeks

Our new Multi Purpose Window Panels (MPWP) offer storage for items such as Rotopax, tools, cases for recovery gear or first aid, and more!  

This model is a Universal design to mount on a variety of vehicles running one of our roof racks, including 4Runners, Lexus GX, and 200 Series Land Cruiser/LX570.

The same panel fits either driver or passenger rear windows. Holes for Rotopax mounts are pre positioned in the center of the bracket. Holes compatible with 6mm Rivnuts are also positioned everywhere on the panel for more mounting options!

Laser cut 11 Gauge (.120) steel with a two stage zinc base layer powder coating. Uses two heavy duty RAM Mount suction cups on the rear window for stability. Installation hardware (for LFD Racks) and RAM Mount Suction cups included.

Choose from two mounting styles for our different type racks:

1 - Flat Side Rail Profile -Fits the following LFD Racks:

  • 5th Gen 4Runner Full Rack
  • GX460 New Version Full Rack
  • 3rd Gen 4Runner Full Rack
  • Tacoma Cab and Cap Rack

Note they should also work with other brands utilizing a flat face side rail, but you will need to supply your own hardware specific to your rack. We're working on confirming a few additional brands. 

2. - Offset Side Rail Profile - Fits the following LFD Racks:

  • 5th Gen 4Runner 3/4 and 7/8 Rack
  • GX470 Rack
  • GX460 Old Version Rack
  • 4th Gen 4Runner Rack
  • 200 Series LC Rack

*Rotopax and Rotopax mount NOT included!

Use caution and common sense when loading these panels! Ensure loads are secure. Pay attention when on tight trails not to catch these on trees!